8 Games Of Thrones Play Cards

CATEGORY: Digital art, Fine artJune 5, 2014

Games Of Thrones Play Cards
Games Of Thrones Play Cards

15 stunning Photography by Katerina Plotnikova

CATEGORY: Wildlife photographyApril 3, 2014

What you’re about to see is not Photoshop – Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova created these stunning images with the help of real live animals! She is only the latest in a line of excellent surreal photographers covered by Bored Panda, but her unique choice of models brings her amazing compositions to the next level.

Game of Thrones House Sigils in German Style by Kevin Hatch

CATEGORY: PaintingMarch 15, 2014

Game of Thrones House Sigils in German Style by Kevin Hatch

Illustrated Animals as Human

CATEGORY: Digital artMarch 15, 2014

Animals are human, well, they’re not but if you put them in clothes and have good finishing touches, they might as well be. Illustrations by artist Kim Nguyen put animals in human clothing, with expressions and style similar to humans.

40 College Logos Design Ideas for your inspiration

CATEGORY: Logo designMarch 3, 2014

In this post we have added 40 creative and beautiful college logos design ideas for your inspiration. My favorite logo designs are Akdeniz university, Texas state college, My college, Master Studies, Cambridge university, Greenwich english college, The university of Sydney and Gainesville State college.

20 Best 3D Animation design examples for your inspiration

CATEGORY: 3D animationMarch 3, 2014

3D Animation design
In this post we have added 25 best 3d animals and animal models for your inspiration. These characters were created by powerful 3D tools like ZBursh, 3DsMax, Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, Vray and retouched by Photoshop. I hope you like these characters 3d animal models and animation movie animal characters.

25 Amazing Apocalyptic Photo Manipulations

CATEGORY: Photo manipulationFebruary 28, 2014

Apocalyptic Photos
There were many world end dates in the past and much more are coming in the future. One of the most popular world end we all have survived was in 2012. However the topic of apocalypse is popular among digital artists who are using their imagination to depict how the last day on Earth would look like.

20 Examples of Wooden Offices for Your Inspiration

CATEGORY: 3D interiorFebruary 28, 2014

interior design inspiration
Organized and creative workspace is a key to productivity in every type of work. Office, whether at home or at a company premises has to be clean and joyful place to be so you can do your best work, achieve more and most important feel happy at the end of the day.