40 Animal Portrait Photography by Yago Parta

CATEGORY: Photo manipulationNovember 9, 2013


Animals put human dresses and smiling for portrait photography series, Zoo Portraits is an creative project by Spanish photographer Yago Partal. He did the experiment and captured the funny pictures of animals with human dresses.

About Yago Parta

Born in 1982. After studying Fine Arts in Barcelona, Yago Partal started a creative studio project with Manel Soto and they spent six years together creating projects for companies like Filmax, Chesterfield International, Sitges Film Festival and Canal+. At the same time, he did some exhibitions of his own from his personal work.

After this period, he decided to put the design and illustration aside to focus exclusively on photography and video. He taught in a makeup school for one year and then opened his own studio while continuing to work on his own series. Shortly after, he joined the company DDT SFX (Academy Award for Pan’s Labyrinth) as a conceptual designer doing work for films like Pedro Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In” and J. A. Bayona’s “The Impossible”.

Recently he has begun “Nieve”, a production company where he works as a photographer and filmmaker while continuing his personal work in photography.

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