15 Fantastic Animal Nature By Oscar Delmar

CATEGORY: Painting, Photo manipulationNovember 5, 2013


Artist from Spain Oscar Delmar has created a series of paintings “Animal in Me” / “The animal inside me”. ┬áThese works were inspired by the behavior of people: their reactions, emotions, feelings and fears. Artist compared them with the behavior of animals. Oscar believes that the animal nature in man is still very strong. And it shows in the pictures.

animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (1)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (2)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (3)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (4)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (5)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (6)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (7)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (8)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (9)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (10)animal-in-me-oscar-delmar-gffdesign (11)