25 Amazing Apocalyptic Photo Manipulations

CATEGORY: Photo manipulationFebruary 28, 2014

Apocalyptic Photos
There were many world end dates in the past and much more are coming in the future. One of the most popular world end we all have survived was in 2012. However the topic of apocalypse is popular among digital artists who are using their imagination to depict how the last day on Earth would look like.

25 Poster Illustrations by Olka Osadzińska

CATEGORY: PrintingNovember 16, 2013

Olka is a young artist from Poland and has worked on various national and international art projects. Her artistic experience spans across clothing, fashion and lifestyle as well as online through a collaboration with the influential magazines and websites for which she draws illustrations.

25 Creative Movie Poster Designs for your inspiration

CATEGORY: PrintingNovember 14, 2013

In this post you can see 25 creative movie poster design. These days, film posters are still an incredibly important part of a film’s marketting technique. They are created to promote films and to intrigue audiences but there is a larger market for collecting film posters and older, original movie posters are in great demand.In this post we have added 25 creative movie poster designs for you. Subscribe with us and be inspired.

40 Animal Portrait Photography by Yago Parta

CATEGORY: Photo manipulationNovember 9, 2013

Animals put human dresses and smiling for portrait photography series, Zoo Portraits is an creative project by Spanish photographer Yago Partal. He did the experiment and captured the funny pictures of animals with human dresses.